Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello again!

So I have definatly ignored this blog for toooo long. Alot of things have happened since the last, so I will try to sum it all up.

We have left Italy and are now living in Alabama.
Mike is no longer in the military. He now works as a Civilian for the Army.
Baylie will be 3 soon...can you believe it...3 years old...seems like yesterday she was born.
I started back to school...only about 5 to 6 more classes and Im done, then off to Nursing School!!

That in a nut shell is the major happenings of the Behr Family. Of course there was alot of details in between but way to many to mention in 1 blog post. Soooo, I think I will just start the blog back up at where we are now and go from there. Hopefully I can keep up frequent posts and whats going on with us...we will see!!

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